The celebrities who became fashion icons in 2020

The celebrities who became fashion icons in 2020

2020 will not go down in history for having been, precisely, one of the best. The Coronavirus pandemic stopped everyone and kept us, for almost a year (and whatever it takes), locked in our homes. The biggest events in the world of fashion, such as the Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter catwalks; there were no red carpets, much less Met Gala. But the Show must go on, and so, as strange as it was this year, it also left us great lessons in style and trends (although almost no one used them, because we were in pajamas), so we must give a big applause to all those celebrities that, despite the circumstances, managed to become true style icons, even with masks.

1.- Harry Styles

There cannot be a top style icon without mentioning Harry Styles, as the "Golden" singer always sets a trend with his unmatched style, which often defies gender norms by simply wearing what he likes. Olanes, feminine garments, rings, painted nails and of course, a lot of well-combined Gucci, are the things that characterize him when it comes to dressing.

2.- Timothée Chalamet

Timmy always surprises us when it comes to dressing, because he does not limit himself to the classic and, breaking with the "men always look the same" he prefers to risk himself with original clothes, such as with his Oscars outfit. Something that characterizes him is that whenever he can, he proudly carries the gifts his fans send him.

3.- Billie Eilish

Of course, Billie has to be on this list, especially when we talk about her original and slightly androgynous style that has earned the looks of more than one. Her white Chanel Oscars outfit was one of the most sought after earlier this year.

4.- Ariana Grande

One of the most Googled things this year was "how to imitate Ariana Grande's style", so we have to put her on this list.

5.- Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian

This year the nostalgic fashion of the 2000s arrived in force, and the pants sets were on trend. Two personalities who knew how to make the most of it.

6.- Miley Cyrus

Miley has a place in the top of fashion icons this year not precisely because of her outfits, but because of her risky haircut that of course set a trend this year.