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The wedding took place last Christmas Eve in the house that the actress bought from her grandparents in Vancouver, Canada. This is Pamela's fourth marriage, the last one only lasting twelve days.
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Phil Collins' separation from his third wife, Orianne Cevey, has become a real soap opera since their breakup was confirmed last summer and they began a legal battle around the $ 40 million Miami mansion in which they had resided for the past few years.
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Of Spanish origin, the actress had a son with Alain Delon, after he left Romy Schneider for her.
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After several months of rumors, we have here the song that marks a new milestone in the career of the Spanish star.
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This Sunday three of the four original stars of Sex and the City have confirmed rumors that the series would return to the small screen with a limited number of ten episodes that will air through HBO Max and will apparently be titled And Just Like That ....