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The fellow Broadway star and songwriter rose to fame in the hit comedy series starring Steve Guttenberg
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Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon y Kristin Davis volverán a meterse en la piel de Carrie, Miranda y Charlotte. Salvo sorpresa de última hora, Kim Cattrall y Samantha no formarán parte de una secuela llamada 'And Just Like That...'.
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A Latina easily leads a list in which no Spanish interpreter appears
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Ron Burkle, the magnate, was surveying the region recently to acquire a neighboring property, likely to house a new branch of his network of private Soho House clubs, when he spotted the ranch
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When Top Gun: Maverick is released in 2021, Nicole Kidman (53) will have countless memories because in the prequel 34 years ago it was the first time she saw Tom Cruise (58) on screen.