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The Murcian lifts his second Masters 1000 in the fastest final in the history of the tournament (6-3 and 6-1) and achieves his fifth title, after sweeping a disoriented Zverev
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The pop star confirmed the news via a post on Instagram earlier today.
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The actress is in the city of Lviv, visiting those affected and volunteers
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When in October 1994 an unknown young blonde landed at the Sitges Film Festival to promote The Mask, hardly anyone paid any attention to her. Jim Carrey had declined to attend and that 22-year-old girl dealt as best she could with the power of the flashes and microphones.
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It is the greatest pain that two parents can experience". The footballer and his partner have announced the loss of one of the twins they were expecting and the birth of the other. "It gives us strength to live this moment with a little hope and happiness