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More than three decades ago the actor was diagnosed with Parkinson's and doctors told him that he would be lucky if he could act another 10 years. He managed to accept his illness, went back to work and has written four autobiographies.
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The actor has been married since 2009 to the Swiss model and photographer of Galician origin María Dolores Diéguez. The couple lives with his two daughters between Canada and his estate in the Sierra de Tramuntana.
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The actress has criticized that the court "denied her a fair trial" by not allowing her children to testify in the case.
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Angelina Jolie, dissatisfied with joint custody, will appeal the decision
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The winner of two Oscars has agreed to be the face of Spain Madrid Fusión in exchange for an exceptional menu. It is an invitation from Madrid Fusión to R. De Niro and it was made through social networks and he himself answered affirmatively in a few days.