Bonnie Tyler, the icon of the 80s who experienced her own 'total eclipse of the heart'

Bonnie Tyler, the icon of the 80s who experienced her own 'total eclipse of the heart'

Gaynor Hopkins was born in County Neath, Wales, on June 8, 1951. Daughter of a miner and an opera-loving mother who sang in the church choir, her first foray into show business took place when he was 17 years old and reached second place in a talent show for which he won a pound sterling, although the beginning of his musical career came when he joined the group Bobby Wayne & The Dixies, after seeing an advertisement in the local newspaper and audition. After performing with various groups under the stage name Sherene Davis, when she got her first contract, and after compiling a list of surnames and names from the Bible, she baptized herself with the name that would make her immortal: Bonnie Tyler. By then, the person in charge of world hits like 'It's a heartache' or 'Total eclipse of the heart' - which they say was originally offered to Meat Loaf and is considered the number one song in karaoke around the world - was already married. with Robert Sullivan, who has been her great love for five decades.

The seemingly perfect relationship between the singer and the former Olympic judo player faltered in 2014 when the English newspaper 'The Mirror' published an interview with Meghann Pernot, a French fan of Tyler, in which she confessed that she had been in a relationship for years and years. half with the singer's husband, giving details about their sexual encounters and their telephone messages. “At first I thought they were a free couple, that is, they had an open relationship. It is something habitual in the world of the spectacle ”, she said then she in the defense of her.

But the Welsh woman forgave her husband and they moved on. "There will always be ups and downs, but we love each other. Also, since the late 70's he has always been with me when I'm on tour. There is no point in leading separate lives," Bonnie confessed to the 'Daily Express', but this 'eclipse of heart' is not the only difficult moment that the artist has overcome, who only regrets not having tried to have children before.

"With my husband we always said 'next year, next year' and 'next year' didn't come until I was 39 years old," she said in an interview. “Then I got pregnant almost immediately, but unfortunately I had a miscarriage, which was horrible. However, today I have a lot of nieces and nephews who are like my children ”. Another key event in her life was when at the end of the 70s a surgery to remove her vocal cord nodules was about to destroy her voice. “Of course, after the surgery I was forbidden to speak for several weeks, but I did not behave well. I had been singing since I was 7 years old, I already had a music contract and I thought that this surgery would be the end of my career. In a fit of frustration, I cried out and permanently damaged my voice, "she said to the 'Radiolaria' portal.

The reality is that, far from ending her adventure in the world of music, her new hoarse tone would become her best hallmark and the key to a success that is still very much in force. In fact, in 2013 she was the representative of the United Kingdom in Eurovision, giving a good example of how fit she is and how much she still wants to have fun. At 70 years old (which he turns today), he continues to tour and a few years ago he surprised all those attending the concert at the WiZink Center in Madrid, on the occasion of the concert of the tour 'I went to the EGB', in the who participated, and this year will do the same, visiting areas of the Spanish geography such as Tenerife, Torrevieja or Marbella on the occasion of the Starlite music festival.