Joseph Fiennes, the secret life of the actor from The Maid's Tale with his Spanish wife in Mallorca

Joseph Fiennes, the secret life of the actor from The Maid's Tale with his Spanish wife in Mallorca

Joseph Fiennes may have long lived in the shadow of his older brother, Ralph. But over 50 (he turns 51 this Thursday), the actor can boast of having made a name for himself in the entertainment industry thanks to films such as Shakespeare in Love or the series The Handmaid's Tale, which is currently broadcasting its fourth season. All this while he enjoys love and family in Mallorca, where he has lived for a decade with his wife, the artist María Dolores Diéguez, and his two daughters.

The photographer and farmer Mark Fiennes and the writer Jennifer Lash are the fathers of the huge clan of the Fiennes: the aforementioned Ralph (58), the directors Martha (57) and Sophie (54), the composer Magnus (55), Jacob (51 ), Joseph's twin brother dedicated to environmental conservation, and archaeologist Michael Emery (69), his adoptive brother.

Joseph was born on May 27, 1970 in Salisbury (England) and as a child he discovered his vocation for the theater. After taking several courses and being part of a young group, he studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, graduating in 1993. The actor immediately made his West End debut and, after a couple of years at the Royal Shakespeare Company, made his debut in the cinema with Stolen Beauty and was established in 1998 thanks to two period films: Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett and Shakespeare in Love with Gwyneth Paltrow.

In the 2000s, Fiennes continued working in the cinema, moving his talent through all kinds of genres: the war film Enemy at the Gates, the erotic Gently Kills Me, the adaptation of the Shakespearean play The Merchant of Venice or the comedy Darwin Awards: deaths of laughter. On television he starred in the Camelot series as the magician Merlin, the terrifying American Horror Story: Asylum or the controversial Urban Myths. In 2017 Joseph, a white actor, was chosen to play Michael Jackson, a black singer, prompting protests among relatives and fans of the late artist until Sky finally canceled the broadcast.

Thanks to the dystopian The Handmaid's Tale, Fiennes has regained the fame and status that he seemed to be losing through poor choices, like the one above, and a few box office flops. The Hulu series, which is broadcast by HBO in Spain, is based on the novel by Margaret Atwood and takes place in the fictional republic of Gilead, a totalitarian society established in what was once the United States. With a low birth rate and environmental problems, this fundamentalist system treats women as if they were property of the state, their only value being their ability to procreate. One of the few fertile women left is Offred (Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men), the maid and sexual servant of Major Fred Waterford, whom Fiennes plays.

Personally, and as noted at the beginning, Joseph Fiennes (51) married María Dolores Diéguez (39) in 2009, a model and artist born in Switzerland to Galician parents. "I met Joe at an Italian restaurant, in Taormina. I had my table reserved and he was sitting right across the street, with a friend of mine. I looked into his eyes and thought, 'Wow'. Our spirits came together. There was a very fusion. strong. It was a chemical, "the artist told Vanity Fair, admitting that she did not know who her interlocutor was. "I thought dating an actor would only give me trouble," she added.

After that meeting, which occurred in 2004, they spent a week seeing each other every day. He was 34 years old and was the image of Harry Winston watches. She, 22, and worked as a mannequin for the jewelry brand. "We would meet every morning at 9.30 to have a coffee granita and a brioche for breakfast. Then, at night, we would return to dinner at the Italian table. But nothing happened. Not a kiss," said Diéguez.

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The relationship continued at a distance when Joseph returned to London and María Dolores to Bern. And years later they got engaged, returning to Italy in 2009 to say "yes, I do" in an intimate ceremony held at the Finca Cartuleggio in Tuscany, near the city of Lucca, as published by Hello!

The couple has two daughters, Eva (11) and Isabel (10), and for more than a decade they have lived between Mallorca, on a farm located in the Tramuntana mountains, and North America, where Joseph works. For four years, the actor has been filming in Canada for about seven months a year the aforementioned The Handmaid's Tale, which has already been renewed for a fifth season.