Harrison Ford is as fit as Indiana Jones: 1,600 km by bike at 78 through the desert

Harrison Ford is as fit as Indiana Jones: 1,600 km by bike at 78 through the desert

He may be about to turn 80, but the actor who gave life to Han Solo or Indiana Jones continues to show that he is in top form. Precisely to prepare for the imminent start of filming the fifth installment of the saga of the most famous archaeologist in cinema, Harrison Ford has embarked on a tough bicycle trip through the Mexican desert. Under the scorching sun, the interpreter has shown his physique traveling 1,600 kilometers through the desert of Mexico away from the objectives of the press and without advertising purposes.

Throughout several stages, the Hollywood actor faced a journey from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas in Baja California: more than 80 hours to complete a total of 1,600 kilometers enjoying the excellent views of the Pacific, but at the cost of sweating a great time. A feat worthy of Indiana Jones? It is true that distance is not a titanic effort for someone used to riding a bike often, but it is also true that Ford started cycling a few years ago and that this July he will be 79.

A dozen friends have accompanied him on this adventure, including two of his five children and one of his grandchildren. Some assistance cars were also part of the caravan. Indiana Jones (sorry, Harrison Ford) has launched into this adventure with an Italian racing bike, a Colnago, the brand that invented carbon bikes. In addition to enjoying the experience, the actor has also taken the opportunity to get in top shape for when the filming of the fifth Dr. Jones film begins. On this occasion he will be accompanied by the protagonist of 'Fleabag', Phoebe Waller Bridge, and Mads Mikkelsen. The film will be released in theaters in July 2022.

It is worth remembering that Harrison Ford in his private life has had several episodes that could have been part of one of his films. Five years ago, for example, he was involved in a plane crash. A passionate pilot, he was in command of an antique plane dating from WWII when the engine suddenly died and the actor crashed into a golf course. Luckily he ended up with only a few scratches. The year before, on the set of 'Star Wars', he had broken his leg in two places in an accident on the Millennium Falcon spacecraft. On another occasion, he saved two hikers who had gotten lost in the mountains with his helicopter. Your reward from him for this good deed? One of them threw up at him in the back seat.

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