Jessica Alba, at 40: difficult childhood, successful businesswoman and happy large family

Jessica Alba, at 40: difficult childhood, successful businesswoman and happy large family

Since she was only five years old, she saw clearly that her future was to be an actress. Born in Pomona (California) to a military father of Mexican origin and a mother with Danish and French roots, the young Jessica Marie Alba moved numerous times during her childhood. Those years were not easy for the future Hollywood star, since she suffered from numerous health problems, such as pneumonia, appendicitis, asthma and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Despite everything, she did not give up her efforts to study acting and at age 12 she already had an agent. Her first film role was in the 1994 comedy "Camp Nowhere," while she was also modeling and appearing in television commercials.

After small roles in series such as the remake of the adventures of the dolphin Flipper that she shot in Australia, her big break came in 2000 with the starring role in the science fiction series 'Dark Angel'. Created by prestigious director James Cameron, in it she played Max Guevara, a genetically modified young woman who had escaped from a research project that used children as test subjects.

During the two seasons that the series lasted, Jessica began a romantic relationship with one of her co-stars, Michael Weatherly, with whom she became engaged. Her relationship raised suspicions because he was twelve years older than her. Weatherly proposed to her when she was just 20 years old and she accepted, but they broke up in 2003.

Jessica Alba responds to "ridiculous" accusations of child abuse

Due to her Catholic convictions and due to her fear of being pigeonholed into overly sexualized roles, the interpreter has always maintained a strict clause in her contracts that stipulates that she does not appear nude in her films. "I don't do nudity. I don't. Maybe that makes me a bad actress. Maybe they won't hire me for some roles. But it makes me anxious," she said in an interview with 'Gq' magazine.

Two of the most prominent roles of her career would arrive in 2005, both based on comic characters: that of a voluptuous black and white stripper from 'Sin City' and that of Sue Storm, one of the members of 'Fantastic Four. '.

While filming the film about the Marvel superheroes Alba met Cash Warren, son of the actor and former basketball player Michael Warren, whom she would marry in 2008. That same year her first daughter, Honor Marie Warren, would be born, for whose first photos the magazine 'OKAY!' he even paid a million and a half dollars. The couple has two more children, Haven Garner and Hayes Alba.

Since she starred in the 2019 thriller 'Killers Anonymous', the actress has not made movies again and she is focused on her business side. The actress founded her own firm, The Honest Company, in 2012, dedicated to beauty, personal care and children's products. About to debut on Wall Street, it is expected to reach a valuation of $ 1.5 billion. "I was born into a working Mexican American family. My parents had various jobs, doing whatever it took to get ahead. I suffered from chronic illnesses, severe asthma, and allergies, which led to long, lonely weeks in the hospital. There were no lasting solutions. for my health problems and when I was ten years old, I realized how well-being can define your whole life ", writes the interpreter in a letter addressed to investors.