27 years since Kurt Cobain's suicide at 27: poverty, drugs, depression and a cry for help

27 years since Kurt Cobain's suicide at 27: poverty, drugs, depression and a cry for help

In a period of exactly two years, between 1969 and 1971, four legendary musicians tragically disappeared that would give rise to the legend of the Club of 27. Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison left us at the same age at which would do it on April 5, 1994 Kurt Cobain. That day the Nirvana singer barricaded himself in a room above the garage of his home in Seattle, placed a stool against the door, and shut himself in to write what would become his farewell letter.

His post-suicide toxicology report confirmed that he had a massive amount of heroin in his body and a gunshot wound to the head. The traumatic event, compounded by the pain of his millions of fans, has spawned a number of conspiracy theories that still float in cyberspace.

What one tends to forget is that the singer had already lived a few weeks before his death another drug-related incident that almost cost him his life. Kurt Cobain was by then immersed in an unstoppable trajectory of misery, depression and suicidal tendencies. The grunge icon despised the enormous fame and popularity that he enjoyed then. A haunted artist, not many years ago he was working as a janitor at his old high school and living in his car or even under a bridge. According to writer Bob Sullivan, at the height of Nirvana's fame, he claimed that he wanted to drop everything and be just a supporting musician in Hole, the band of his wife, Courtney Love.

But according to former Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg, Kurt "definitely wanted to be famous, and he worked hard to get there. He designed the band's t-shirts, was aware of every review and interview, and how often his stories appeared. videos on MTV ". That duality was part of Cobain's charm and also one of his tortures. Maybe even one of the reasons why, weeks before his actual suicide, he was about to take his own life. If it wasn't for Courtney Love being there, she would have died then.

The singer was in Rome and had lost his voice due to a sore throat, so he had to cancel his European tour. Cobain was going through a severe depression and awaited the arrival of Love in the Italian capital. The artist remembers that her husband called her when she was playing in Spain: "She hated everything, everyone. She hated, hated, hated."

Upon her arrival in Rome, in her hotel room they were both having dinner and drinking. According to Love, the next morning she found Cobain unconscious. He had taken 50 rohypnol pills. The ambulance arrived on time and the musician was taken to the hospital, where they did a stomach wash. In an interview with the magazine 'Rolling Stone', Love remembered: "There was a clear suicidal impulse, to be swallowing and swallowing pills. Damn it".

Love also confessed that that near fatal night, Cobain had left a suicide note, which read: "Dr. Baker says I must choose between life and death. He Choose death."