Emma Stone, mother of her first child

Emma Stone, mother of her first child

The princes Carlos Felipe and Sofía of Sweden are not the only ones who today are celebrating the arrival to the world of a new son. On this Friday that kicks off the Easter holidays, a Friday that most of the Dolores is Friday of childbirth, the actress Emma Stone has also given birth to her first child.

Although at the moment neither she nor her husband Dave McCary have confirmed the news, something that is possible they will never do since neither of them is very fond of talking to the press about their private lives, the news channel TMZ was the first to advance the exclusive.

According to this medium, the actress who won the Oscar for La La Land gave birth in a hospital in Los Angeles to a baby whose sex or name is still unknown. Only mother and son are fine.

Emma Stone and Dave McCary met in 2016 when the singer was invited to host the comedy show Saturday Night Live, of which Dave is one of the directors. Since then, they have only been seen together on a few occasions. In fact, their debut as a couple before the media did so in 2019 when they decided to attend the Screen Actors Guild Awards together.

In addition to on that occasion, the couple has been hunted countless times by photographers around the home they share in Los Angeles while taking walks. The last time a few weeks ago, where Emma already wore a prominent belly that indicated that the arrival of her first child was very close to her.

It was also thanks to one of those stolen photographs that set off the alarm about their wedding. One showing McCary with a wedding band on his ring finger. But again, neither of the two has wanted to confirm or deny it, no matter how many international media have taken for granted that the couple agreed in a secret ceremony held in September last year.