Sofía Vergara chooses Cantabria for her latest business

Sofía Vergara chooses Cantabria for her latest business

At the end of the 90s, the Colombian Sofía Vergara (48) became known as one of the most charismatic and funny actresses in Latin America. First, she conquered the Hispanic market through shows like Fuera de Serie and A que no te dare. However, it did not take long for her to woo the English-speaking public and enter fully into film and television. According to some critics, Sofia would not have much talent as a professional actress. However, her beauty is capable of captivating anyone.

As a result, in recent years, numerous publications have cataloged Vergara as one of the most sensual women in the world ... And, by magic, her beauty has become a great media topic. The press talks about her workouts, the tabloids speculate about her surgeries and the women of the world just want to know what creams Sofía uses. So it is not surprising that the artist decided to take her own line of cosmetics out of her. One that, unexpectedly, will be manufactured in Cantabria.

This Tuesday, the women's portal Women's Wear Daily revealed that Sofía Vergara will launch her own line of beauty products, which aims to help women take better care of their health. "The brand will offer customers a new generation of smart products and solutions for skin care", Juan Matji, the president of Cantabria Labs, told WWD. The laboratory chosen by Vergara to "produce, develop and commercialize" your new endeavor.

According to Cantabria Labs, Sofia Vergara contacted them in October 2019, when she decided to visit her facilities and propose a project that she already had in mind. "Cantabria Labs' relationship with Sofía Vergara goes back in time and the understanding and admiration for both parties has always been our joint starting point. It was a matter of time before this project was born. We are very happy about the start-up. of this alliance that unifies science, experience and effective products with the expert judgment of Sofía Vergara, "Matji declared this Wednesday.

On the other hand, Cantabria Labs has confirmed that the former president of Kiehl's, Chris Salgardo, has been chosen to lead this project. "I have been a huge admirer of Sofía's career and accomplishments for quite some time, and I am honored to be on this new adventure with her. Together with the science of Cantabria Labs, we look forward to bringing a new level of products to the dynamic world of beauty ", explained the executive, to whom Sofía Vergara also wanted to dedicate a few words.

"His creativity, authenticity and her legacy make him an excellent partner," the Modern Family star mentioned two days ago, without giving further details about her new collaboration. Despite this, numerous international media - such as Allure or People - predict that the cosmetics brand will become a resounding success. Why? Because during the last 20 years Vergara has launched four fragrances, a jeans brand, a lingerie company, a furniture collection, a line of glasses and a footwear collection. In other words, the interpreter has a talent for business and is willing to become a business woman.