Cameron Diaz confirms his withdrawal from the cinema: Now I am another person

Cameron Diaz confirms his withdrawal from the cinema: Now I am another person

Five years after making the decision to put an end to her film career, the protagonist of 'Something about Mary' remains convinced that she made the right decision and does not consider her return to the seventh art. Cameron Diaz, now 48, became her mother for the first time in December 2019 when she gave birth to her daughter Raddix, along with her husband, rocker Benji Madden. During an intervention on the radio program 'Quarantined With Bruce' she assured that she does not plan to return to acting at the moment because she "could not imagine" leaving her baby to embark on 14-hour filming days.

"Motherhood and marriage have been the most satisfying part of my life so far. They are very important," said Cameron. "I waited for this moment so I could do all those other things, so I wouldn't have any distractions." Although about a return to the cinema in the future, she did not want to close the door for good. "Look, I'm never going to say never about anything in life. I'm just not that person. Will I ever make a movie again? I don't want to, but will I? I don't know. I have no idea. Maybe. Never say never, "he said enigmatically.

"I feel sorry for so many mothers who have to go to work, whatever they do. I feel very sorry for them and for their children," she added in solidarity. "I feel blessed to be able to be here with my daughter and to be the mother that I am."

On how she keeps busy today, the former actress explained that her Avaline wine brand, which she launched last summer based on Catalan grapes, is "the only daily job I do, apart from being a housewife. I decided I wanted to other things in my life. I had been working for so long, making films, that it was very hard, and I had not left room for my personal life, "he said. The former Hollywood star finally realized that "I had given parts of my life to all those people, and they ... took it, you know. And some people did ... I had to take it back and take responsibility. of my own life. "

Cameron made her acting debut at age 21. With no previous experience, she began taking acting classes after being cast in "The Mask" alongside Jim Carrey. The film became one of the ten highest grossing of 1994 and launched the career of Diaz, who by 2013 was already the highest paid actress of more than 40 years in Hollywood. Until 2018, the collection of her films in the United States alone exceeded 3,000 million dollars, making her the fifth highest grossing actress in the country.