Elton John and Michael Caine star in a fun vaccine campaign

Elton John and Michael Caine star in a fun vaccine campaign

Right now, more than 12 million people in the UK have received at least one dose of the vaccine. But to help convince the undecided, the National Health Service has turned to two stars, Sir Elton John and Sir Michal Caine, who have starred in an amusing ad. The 73-year-old singer said he wanted to participate in this campaign "to help show people the benefits of getting vaccinated and how it helps protect ourselves and the people we love." And he added that "I hope we can all come together and do our bit in the fight against this unfortunate disease."

The ad, an effort to counter mistrust of vaccines, shows the 'Rocketman' star purporting to audition to star in the vaccine promotion, which includes a surprisingly good impression of the 'The Italian Job' protagonist. In a more serious tone, Sir Elton is seen saying that "the more people are vaccinated, the more chances there will be to eradicate the national covid pandemic", and then underlines that the vaccines "have passed all the necessary safety and quality standards ".

The artist then pretends that he has been vaccinated before beginning to interpret his 1983 hit 'I'm still standing', at which point the director thanks him and says: "We will let you know", to which Sir Elton he replies: "Well, on so short notice you won't find anyone more famous."

Only to see below a newly vaccinated 87-year-old Sir Michael introducing himself: "Hi, my name is Michael Caine. I just got vaccinated against covid. It didn't hurt, not many people know this." In its effort against the pandemic, England has opened seven large mass vaccination centers in cities such as London, Newcastle and Manchester, where the British government aims to vaccinate more than 12 million people by February 15.

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