This is how Chris Hemsworth went from charging $ 150,000 per film to $ 15 million in just ten years

This is how Chris Hemsworth went from charging $ 150,000 per film to $ 15 million in just ten years

Someone very wise in Hollywood once said that you are worth as much as your latest movie made. When Chris Hemsworth (37) was offered to embody the god of thunder a decade ago in Thor (2011), he was still an (almost) unknown in the film mecca that began to become popular in Spain for being the new partner of Elsa Pataky ( 44). Yes, here she was the star and he, a mere companion.

The Australian actor accepted after signing a huge contract of 150,000 dollars (125,000 euros) that, after the colossal blockbuster of the franchise worldwide of almost 450 million dollars, allowed him to multiply his cache by one hundred. Come on, for Thor: Ragnarok (2017), The Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and The Avengers: Endgame (2019) he pocketed 15 million dollars for each one.

Considered one of the highest-paid stars in the industry today, the Hemsworth-Patakys' standard of living is far from being as ostentatious as that of many of their peers. After getting rid of their Californian mansions, the family moved to the hippy-surfer paradise of Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia where, yes, they tailor-made a full-blown whim that as it was built they labeled it among the terminal of an airport or a department store.

Once finished, the house of your dreams is surrounded by a leafy orchard of 4.2 hectares with views of the Pacific, it has a 50-meter infinity pool on the upper terrace, five rooms with en-suite bathrooms, a spa, a cinema, a gym, game room, massage center, service area ... The couple's three children, India Rose, Tristan and Sasha, have everything they need to have a great time, like a skate park. According to the calculations of the sector, the strength could be around 20 million euros. The decoration is simple and minimalist, there are no paintings by Renoir or Picasso, nor sculptures by Chillida or Rodin. At most, it hangs a gigantic mural of the actor's favorite artist, Otis Hope Carey, for which he paid around 80,000 euros.

In his native Australia he finds all the necessary energy that he expends on filming. His Instagram profile, with 46.6 million followers, is full of images that appeal to mental and physical well-being thanks to surfing, crossfit, yoga, meditation, swimming, diving or, simply, taking long walks in Full nature.

Acquiring star status also carries many privileges. He is an international ambassador for the luxury watch firm Tag Heuer or Hugo Boss and for his trips he always uses a private plane that allows him to meet his family and friends at any time. According to Forbes magazine, in 2019 Chris Hemsworth ranked 24th in entertainment earnings with $ 76.4 million.

In the last decade, he has not only achieved a stable marriage with Elsa Pataky, but he has managed to make her name profitable until he reached a fortune of 130 million dollars. Despite his large bank account, Chris is the prototype of the son-in-law that every mother desires, educated, down-to-earth, with ethical values ​​that range from environmental advocacy to support of same-sex marriage, a great godfather to whom He does not mind throwing himself on the floor and that he has instilled to a superlative degree his wife's passion for sports training. Nobody beats musculature.

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