Pamela Anderson secretly marries her bodyguard

Pamela Anderson secretly marries her bodyguard

Pamela Anderson (53) is a box of surprises. The protagonist of Baywatch has announced that she has secretly married Dan Hayhurst, her bodyguard in a ceremony held last Christmas Eve at the actress's home in Vancouver, Canada, her native country. The wedding has taken place a year after her previous link with the film producer Jon Peters, with whom she was only married 12 days.

Anderson has revealed to the Daily Mail that she and her bodyguard fell in love during confinement. "This year together has counted as seven, like the years in the lives of dogs", has joked Pamela in statements to the British media, who has obtained exclusively the first images of the link in which you can see the flowing blue skirt and the matching corset she chose for her big day.

It is the fourth wedding for Pamela, and the second marriage that she also celebrates in the last twelve months, since in January 2020 she joined the businessman Jon Peters in a ceremony that she assured after their breakup that it had been worthless legal. However, her last link has a very special meaning for the interpreter, which makes her feel that she has "closed the circle", having taken place in the back garden of the property that she bought from her grandparents twenty-five years ago and where His own parents, who are still together, also married.

Shortly before the actress announced her wedding, she decided to erase herself from social networks and publish the last image of her, a close-up where she appears with a seductive gesture. "This will be my last post on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook", she has written next to the photo.

Anderson claims that she has never been interested in the networks that she, she claims, are used as a form of mind control. In the same post, the actress tells that she is going to dedicate herself to reading and enjoying nature. "Now that I have settled in life I am truly inspired to read and be in nature. I am free", she wrote before advising her followers to do the same. "Try not to be seduced by wasting time. That is what THEY want and can use to earn money and control your brain."

Pamela has included various hashtags such as "life", "freedom", "nature", "human connection", "intimacy" and "love".

Her followers have responded with many messages in which they assure that they will miss her. Although the accounts do not include new photos, they will be able to continue enjoying previous posts because the actress has not deleted any or is going to close any of her accounts, where she has been posting photos of her years of splendor or messages in favor of animals (she is a collaborator Peta) or Julian Assange.