Phil Collins' personal hell on his 70th birthday: his most prized possessions, auctioned

Phil Collins' personal hell on his 70th birthday: his most prized possessions, auctioned

In reality, the former couple - who have two teenage children - had already been married between 1999 and 2006, but they gave each other another chance in 2015 after she left her then husband with the promise that the musician would put her name on half of what would become their new home if he gave up the rights to other real estate they had shared during the first part of their love affair.

After being forced to leave the house to which she claims to be entitled by the verbal agreement to which she would have reached with her ex, Orianna - who secretly married a young musician a month after her second break with Collins - she has been forced to leave. fought back by auctioning off several gold records and other awards that the Genesis leader has won throughout his career and setting a starting price as low as one hundred dollars for many of them, according to information published by the portal Page Six.

According to her, her only intention is to part with unnecessary items now that she has moved into a smaller house, and has insisted that she is also selling some of her belongings, including jewelry and designer clothes, as proof that she has not acted in bad faith. 10% of the funds she collects from her will also go to the Never Give Up charity.

Apparently, the events in the life of Phil Collins in recent years, especially since he decided to publish his autobiography in 2016 -in Spain it appeared with the title I'm not dead yet, and Aguilar edited it-, have entered a downward spiral and catastrophic that has soured his character, has filed his health and has turned him into a hermit.

Knowing this, those who hope that at 70 years old (who turns this Saturday the 30th) will again make decisions such as going on tour or reuniting part of the original Genesis line-up to play or record a new album, may have to forget: Collins she has quite serious problems and music is not therapy at the moment. The main issue is this eternal dispute with Orianne Cevey. She was Collins's third wife; He was previously married between 1975 and 1980 to Andrea Bertorelli, a childhood friend with whom he reconnected during the golden years of Genesis, and later to Jill Tavelman, between 1984 and 1996. Cevey was the translator for Collins' world tour in 1999, more than 20 years younger than him, and they were married at the beginning of the century.

The marriage went well at first, and they had two children - in total, Collins has had five of the three marriages, plus an adopted daughter - but things went awry and in 2006 they divorced. The divorce settlement, for which Collins paid 25 million pounds to his ex-wife, did not ruin him because his fortune was generous - some sources put it at between 130 and 180 million pounds (between 147 and 203 million euros), which is Enough not to worry about trifles - but on the other hand it is counted as the second most expensive separation in the history of the United Kingdom. She went to live with another man, and he had a relationship, which did not materialize as a wedding, with a television presenter, which lasted until 2016, the year in which he published his memoirs.

Collins, leaning on the cane he has needed to walk for a few years.Alan D. WestGTRES

The memoirs were conflicting because in them he gave a lot of information about his love and family life that neither his second wife, Jill, nor several of his children liked, who filed lawsuits against him for defamation. Added to all this, Collins entered a dark stage that came from afar: in the last decade he has confessed to having drunk more than a Cossack, and that his dependence on alcohol, added to his ailments, undermined his confidence and musical performance of the.

As if that were not enough, health problems of different kinds - a viral infection that almost caused him to lose his hearing, a cervical problem and, for two years, a mobility problem that forces him to use a cane to walk - have not been mucus of turkey, which added to the agitated legal moment for the second phase of his divorce has ended up bringing him closer to that image of the neglected and defeated man that his wife tries to present before the judge.