Sarah Jessica Parker, named as guilty of 'Samantha' not in the revival of 'Sex and the City'

Sarah Jessica Parker, named as guilty of 'Samantha' not in the revival of 'Sex and the City'

Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis have published the same announcement on their respective social networks - a video from New York City - to share the good news with all fans of the story of Carrie Bradshaw and her soul friends, but Kim Cattrall has not said - or written - a word, which confirms that he will not be present in this new installment.

The great unknown now is how her absence will be explained or if she will choose to look for another actress to replace her. Sarah Jessica Parker herself has been in charge of answering some of these doubts to clarify that no one will replace Kim, despite the fact that it had been rumored that Jennifer Coolidge could take over the role, because they prefer to focus on exploring new plots of which obviously the character of Samantha will not be part. Another point that she has wanted to leave is that she has not vetoed her former co-worker for the bad relationship they have and that she has made headlines in recent years.

Here's the only thing Kim Cattrall has to say about the 'Sex and the City' revival

"No, I do not like him. I have never said something like that and I never would. Samantha is not part of this story, but she will always be part of ours. It doesn't matter where we are or what we do," he replied to one of His Followers. She soon after she confessed to another that she would also miss her public relations famous for her self-confidence and her fast-paced sex life.

It should be noted that in the first draft that was written for the third Sex and the City movie, which was never shot, he 'got rid' of Mr. Big - played by Chris Noth - explaining that he had died of an attack on heart, so the writers could resort to a similar trick to justify the absence of Kim Cattrall.

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