Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman: rumors of homosexuality, infidelity and a bitter dispute over their 325 million

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman: rumors of homosexuality, infidelity and a bitter dispute over their 325 million

There she suffered her first crush. Not surprisingly, at that time that young Hollywood rebel had become a star thanks to the role of Lieutenant Pete Mitchell.

In the late 1980s, Nicole was trying to make her way into Hollywood after her Australian experience. Fate had a great surprise in store for him. Her first film in the industry would be Days of Thunder (1990) and the male lead was ... Tom Cruise! The crush between the redhead and the brunette was so intense that they secretly married in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado on December 24, 1990, now 30 years ago.

From the beginning of their marriage, rumors were protagonists in their lives. It was said that Cruise had married to hide her alleged homosexuality and in this way Kidman secured her entrance through the front door into American industry. It was the first link for her and the second for him, since he had previously been married to the also interpreter Mimi Rogers, who on some occasion has assured that her ex is gay.

It was also speculated that they were unfaithful and with the possibility that they had not consummated their marriage or that Nicole was sterile, so they adopted Isabella in 1993 and Connor in 1995. But what ended up riddling their love was the belonging of Cruise to Scientology. His wife did not agree with the philosophy of this cult, sect or religious belief system, so the house fights were constant. After filming Eyes Wide Shut (1999) by Stanley Kubrick, the flame of love evaporated. After 11 years of marriage, the couple got into a tough legal battle to distribute the 325 million dollars of their personal fortune, not counting the four mansions they owned and the two private planes.

Tom was the most powerful person in the industry. In 1996 he received $ 70 million for Mission: Impossible and for the second part a year before his divorce, he earned another $ 100 million. Today he remains one of the industry's untouchables alongside Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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After the separation, some of those rumors ceased to exist. Tom was the biological father of Suri (14), the result of his failed third marriage with Katie Holmes (42) and Nicole Kidman found stability in the singer Keith Urban (53), with whom he also has two daughters, a biological one named Sunday ( 12) and another born through a surrogacy, Faith, who is about to turn 10 years old.

Both Tom and Nicole have had more than enough time to digest the bad vibes and it is rumored that the year that is about to begin they will work together again to produce a remake of The Others, which both starred two decades ago under Alejandro's orders. Amenábar. But this time, neither will be in front of the camera.