Return of Mike Tyson:

Return of Mike Tyson:

The return of Mike Tyson after 15 years inactive, at 54 years of age, has been a great deal for fans of the world of boxing. It was a few days ago, on November 28, when the former heavyweight world champion made a great display against Roy Jones Jr. This fight did not score points. It's just a great display, which got the full attention of fans of this sport.

Tyson's last fight was in Washington D.C. in the summer of 2005. After losing to Irishman Kevin McBride. His professional career is summarized in 46 fights, with a mark of 35 victories, 29 of them before the limit; 10 losses and a draw.

The exhibition fight was at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Tyson was in top physical shape after hard workouts. Very agile and combative. Few people expected that the fight would generate a large sum of money to see Tyson again in the ring, but in the end it did.

In principle, the fight was scheduled for the month of September, but the promoters preferred to postpone it until the last weekend of November, which coincided with Thanksgiving in the United States, to seek a better collection.

The fight had a very high collection. You have to count the audiences when selling the fight to many countries, and you also have to have the PPV. The collection exceeded $ 80,000,000. Of them, Mike Tyson pocketed $ 10,000,000 and his opponent, Jones Jr., $ 1,000,000. What figures !!!

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