Boycott, favoritism and a video: suspicions of tongo in the election of Miss Universe

Boycott, favoritism and a video: suspicions of tongo in the election of Miss Universe

The tongo is a long shadow that has almost always run parallel to beauty pageants, especially those that can turn the winner into a star if she takes advantage of the opportunities. Such is the case of Miss Universe, whose 71st edition took place in New Orleans on January 14 where the chosen one was R'Bonney Gabriel (28), representative of the United States who, to the surprise of the fans, left out two of the favorite finalists, Amanda Dudamel (23), Miss Venezuela -daughter of former soccer player and former coach Rafael Dudamel- (50) and Andreína Martínez (25), Miss Dominican Republic.

It is currently being investigated whether the election was fair. At the moment, there is already enough controversy because there is talk of boycotts and favoritism. For example, three of the six members of the jury were North Americans, a video has been published in which R'Bonney is relaxing in a luxury spa owned by one of the sponsors of the contest that the transgender Thai billionaire Anne bought last year. Jakapong Jakrajutatip (43) and in her election as Miss United States there were already several mistakes.

R'Bonney Gabriel is a cheerful and energetic girl of Filipino origin. Her father, Remigio, fled the Philippines when he was 19 years old and after settling in Washington he met his wife, Dana Walker, born in the state of Texas (United States). She is the youngest of four siblings and since she was little she already felt the call of fashion linked to sustainability. Before graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in fashion design, R'Bonney excelled as a high school volleyball player.

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From her earliest childhood, her parents instilled in her a respect for the different types of cultures in the world, which has enriched her vision of her life every time she has traveled. Assuming her identity and sharing her values with the world, she hopes that they will help the girls value themselves more and respect their environment. Her passion for her fashion led him to found her own label, R'Bonney Nola, which has made her an eco-friendly designer who carefully chooses fibers and fabrics. In fact, she herself sewed one of the dresses for the gala.

Aware of the gifts that genetics have given him in conjunction with her luck factor, R'Bonney decided to give back to society some of her achievements. For this reason, she often teaches sewing classes to women who have been victims of domestic violence and who have survived human trafficking. In her spare time, she enjoys horseback riding, yoga, and hula hooping. She is single and has no children.