Gladiator 2: everything we know about the sequel to the film starring Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix

Gladiator 2: everything we know about the sequel to the film starring Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix

There are films that are born designed to tell a closed story and never return to that universe. However, there are some cases in which this is not an impediment for a sequel to end up going ahead and it seems that this will finally be the case with 'Gladiator', the acclaimed film directed by Ridley Scott in the year 2000 and which earned him his Only Oscar to date for Russell Crowe.

For years it seemed like a finished project to come to nothing, but next we are going to review everything you know about 'Gladiator 2' so far. With Scott back behind the cameras, it is a film about which there are still many unknowns, so we will update this article as they are cleared up.

The history

The crazy initial plan involved the return of Máximo Décimo Meridio, the unforgettable character played by Russell Crowe in the first installment, but that idea ended up being discarded in favor of a more rational approach. Here the story focuses on Lucio, the nephew of Commodus who was greatly marked by the sacrifice of Máximo and will live his own adventure here.

We still do not have more specific details about that adventure, but it is known that the script is written by Peter Craig, a writer of novels turned into screenplays who has collaborated on titles such as 'The Town (City of thieves)', the two installments of 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay' or 'The Batman'.

When is 'Gladiator 2' released in theaters?

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A date for its arrival in theaters has not been officially announced. However, everything indicates that its premiere should take place in 2024. After all, filming will take place in 2023, with the recordings expected to start this coming May in Morocco.

Cast and protagonists

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The signing of any actor to appear in the sequel has not yet been officially announced, since it is clear that the biggest claim would be to have Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix again, but the events of the first installment make it clear that in any case it would be necessary to resort to flashbacks to make an appearance and 20 years do not pass in vain, would both accept resorting to digital rejuvenation? It doesn't seem likely, especially in the case of Phoenix.

That said, the big question is whether Spencer Treat Clark will return as Lucio. After all, the sequel is supposed to recover this character and the actor is still active, as we recently saw him in 'Glass' or in 'Weird: The Al Jankovic Story'. In principle, it is counted on - although no official announcement has yet been made in this regard.


Ridley Scott And Russell Crowe Filming Gladiator

Ridley Scott will take over the direction again, because not even the fact of already being 85 years old -he turned it on November 30- has led him to even consider the possibility of retiring or simply entrusting the reins of this sequel to another director, which for example he did in the case of 'Blade Runner 2049' and Denis Villeneuve.

Let's remember that Scott is also the person most responsible for titles as emblematic as 'Alien, the eighth passenger' or 'Blade Runner', while in his most recent filmography works such as 'Mars (The Martian)', 'The last duel' or the Napoleon biopic starring Phoenix that will premiere on Apple TV+ on a date yet to be specified in 2023.

Filming hasn't even started yet, so obviously there's still no image of 'Gladiator 2' that isn't a photomontage.