Chris Hemsworth walks away from the cinema after a disturbing diagnosis about his health

Chris Hemsworth walks away from the cinema after a disturbing diagnosis about his health

Actor Chris Hemsworth has not only earned the affection of the public for his film roles, but also for embodying, along with Elsa Pataky and her children, the perfect family that anyone would like to form. The couple, very active on social networks, usually shares their splendid life in Australia with their followers and always appears close and natural, something that their fans love.

One of Hemsworth's latest jobs has been in the six-episode docuseries 'Limitless' (Without limits), produced by National Geographic for Disney + and led on screen by the actor. What he has discovered during filming has been as unexpected as it is worrying.

The presenter of the program and two specialists told Elsa Pataky's husband that he had two copies of APOE4, the highest risk factor gene for Alzheimer's, as he himself revealed in an interview with 'Vanity Fair'. This means that the actor is 10 times more likely to develop Alzheimer's than other people in the future.

 Hemsworth acknowledged to his interlocutors that, in fact, he noticed that his memory "is getting worse" and that there are cases of the disease in his family. He has also confessed that "the idea that I won't be able to remember the life I've experienced, or my wife and children, is probably my biggest fear." The diagnosis does not mean that the actor is going to suffer from this disease with complete certainty in the future, but the truth is that the possibilities, in his case, have skyrocketed, a fact for which Hemsworth has made a difficult decision: "Since we finished the series I have been completing the things that I already had contracted. Now, when the tour is over this week, I'm going to go home and take a long time off to simplify. I want to be with the children, be with my wife."

Hemsworth has decided, therefore, to temporarily move away from the cinema to focus on his family: "Really, the news triggered something in me to want to take some time off", although he also wanted to clarify that "it is not that I have handed in my resignation, But if something is going to take me away from my family and my children, it has to be something positive, constructive and a collaborative experience." The actor has acknowledged that Disney offered him the possibility of leaving his diagnosis out of the content of 'Limitless' so that the information was private, but Hemsworth has seen fit to reveal the news and share it with his audience because "if this is motivating for people take better care of themselves and also understand that there are measures you can take, so fantastic".