Celebrities who have refused to participate in the World Cup in Qatar: Ibai Llanos, Dua Lipa, Shakira, Chanel...

Celebrities who have refused to participate in the World Cup in Qatar: Ibai Llanos, Dua Lipa, Shakira, Chanel...

About to start the World Cup in Qatar, there are still casualties among the artists invited to perform, who reject FIFA's choice of choosing a stage whose values ​​and rights are, for many, more than questionable. In fact, the musicians blame the organization for giving more value to money than to the safety of some discriminated groups.

Since the beginning of the controversy, the singer who was most resounding with her position of not being seen in the World Cup was Dua Lipa. She didn't even give him the option to make a counter offer. From minute one she was clear about her decision.

"I will be supporting England from my home and I will be delighted to visit Qatar when all the human rights that they promised to fulfill when they were granted to host this competition are established," explained the Kosovar artist on her social networks, who has spoken on other occasions pronounced in favor of Human Rights.

For her part, Shakira, on which many had set their eyes for participating in it already with the famous Waka Waka of hers in 2010, will not be in the competition either.

Neither will singer Rod Stewart go up to the Bayt stadium, who reported that, despite being offered "a huge amount of money, more than a million dollars per performance", he refused to sing in "a country with those ideas and values". "I also think that the Iranians should also stop supplying them with weapons," he said.

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Chanel Terrero, interpreter of TOKE, the song with which she will support La Roja, will not be in Qatar either. "I'm not going to Qatar, it's not the World Cup song," he said this Friday.

The singer Shakira in a concert in New York.

Shakira rectifies... and now refuses to perform at the World Cup in Qatar after the criticism received

Ibai Llanos also refused to go to the World Cup in Qatar with the Spanish team to record content from there. The Basque streamer explained in a direct that "great opportunity" to go on the plane of the Spanish team, but he made the decision not to accept. "An opportunity arose for me that was to go on the plane of the Spanish team, not to do live but to record content. But it doesn't come out of my balls and I'm not going to do it," he said.

Finally, the singer Alicia Keys will not be present at the opening ceremony either. The New Yorker canceled her performance at the last minute, according to El Món told RAC1, that she contacted Barbarana Pons, one of the key organizers of the opening act, which will take place this Sunday, November 20.

Likewise, Kahlid Salman, ambassador of the World Cup, has not been forced to have to negotiate with all the artists, since among the confirmed list are J. Balvin, Robbie Williams, Jason Derulo, Clean Bandit, Sean Paul, Nora Fatehi, Black Eyed Peas, Jungkook from BTS and Nicki Minaj, Maluma and Myriam Fares.