Chris Evans, the sexiest man in the world of 2022 according to ‘People’ magazine

Chris Evans, the sexiest man in the world of 2022 according to ‘People’ magazine

It's been 37 years and 33 names that star in a list in which actors Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Richard Gere have repeated. The American magazine People has chosen the sexiest man of the year for almost four decades: the first was the actor Mel Gibson (elected in 1985), who was followed by the footballer David Beckham, the actor Chris Hemsworth or the singer Adam Levine. For this 2022, the chosen one has been the actor Chris Evans (Boston, 41 years old), who takes over from the interpreter Paul Rudd, who was considered the sexiest in the world last year. Evans, who has given life to Captain America for 10 years, now hangs another award that, as he himself has stated with his characteristic sense of humor, will make his family very happy.

The Daggers in the Back actor, in statements to People magazine, has joked about the "playful" harassment that he will have to endure from his friends, although he acknowledges that his mother will especially love the news: "She is proud everything I do, but this is something you can really brag about.” If this recognition had been given to him during his school years, his social life would have changed: "It would be enough to be able to sit at the cool table where he wasn't."

Evans is in one of his best moments, both personally and professionally: from superhero with Captain America to playing Buzz Lightyear this year. And since his career is littered with success, he feels more comfortable talking about her than becoming the sexiest man in the world. “It is difficult to be interviewed about all this. He feels like a strange kind of humble bragging, ”he explains to the magazine on a farm outside Atlanta (USA). This past year alone, the actor has starred in Lightyear (Disney+) and Gray Man (Netflix); he has recorded three other films —one of them, Ghosted (AppleTV +), will be released in 2023—; in addition to producing many others and co-directing A Starting Point, the platform that reports on current affairs that he launched in 2020.

At 41, Evans is prioritizing a healthy work-life balance so she can spend as much time as possible in Boston with her family: “When it comes to finding the people I play, it's more a question of where the movie is recorded. I am too old to live out of a suitcase for six months and have settled into a more pleasant phase where I am happy to be home."

In addition, the interpreter has recognized that among his closest plans is parenthood and marriage. Currently, news has been published that relates him to the actress Alba Baptista, 25 years old. Although neither of the two has confirmed the courtship. "It's something I want", although he has stated that he would not talk about it publicly when that time comes, adding: "Some things you want only for yourself, or only for my family and friends".

After 22 years in the acting world, Captain America is ready to slow down and accept fewer roles. “The most enjoyable aspect of my career at the moment is feeling confident enough to take my foot off the gas. I feel like I have a little more freedom to take time out of the industry and find projects that satisfy my creative appetite when I get back,” he told People.

Although at the moment he is uncomfortable with the award, surely in a few years he will remember it fondly. “As I get older and mature, I know that I will be able to look back and remember it.” In a year we will know who will be the next man to whom People gives prominence as the sexiest in the world.