Victoria sneaks us into David Beckham's birthday party: videos, songs and boat cake

Victoria sneaks us into David Beckham's birthday party: videos, songs and boat cake

It will be because of his enviable physical condition or because of that appearance that seems to resist the passage of time that there are still those who find it hard to believe that David Beckham is 47 years old. Just fulfilled, because just yesterday, May 2, the former soccer player blew out candles and did so in the company of his closest family and friends. While he shared on his social networks the multitude of congratulations received from colleagues such as Sergio Ramos, other athletes such as Tom Brady or colleagues such as chef Gordon Ramsay, his wife Victoria, in addition to giving him an affectionate dedication on Instagram, he sneaked us at your party. With the words: "I love you so much David Beckham, you are the most amazing husband anyone could wish for and I feel truly blessed. You are my everything. I love you so much. Happy birthday", and two snapshots of both, one on the beach and another on a ship on the high seas, the designer congratulated David Beckham and thus inaugurated the celebrations around the 47th anniversary of the British.

Days after the commented wedding of his eldest son, Brooklyn, with the billionaire heiress Nicola Peltz in Palm Beach, the Beckhams continue to celebrate and this time it was time to honor the patriarch of the clan. The most spectacular and eye-catching dressing of the party points directly to the cake. For this very special occasion, Victoria Beckham and her children wanted to surprise the ex-soccer player with a great boat-shaped pastry creation that does not lack the smallest of details. Starting with the dedication: "Dear daddy, we all love you. On behalf of Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper", and which was exposed in contrast in white typography in the turquoise blue sea on which the replica rested. of the Beckhams' yacht.

We refer to Seven, the huge boat valued at 6 million with which David, Victoria and their children sail the waters of Miami. The Beckhams' yacht receives that name for two reasons: one, in honor of the number that the ace of the ball wore on his shirt, and two, as a tribute to the second name of his youngest daughter. It is a Ferretti boat, one of the most prestigious brands in this type of vehicle, which, according to the newspaper 'The Sun' at the time, is 30 meters long. However, it is not one of the most luxurious that the firm has available and is defined by its minimalist style. The spectacular cake for the Briton's 47th birthday, in addition to being a faithful reflection of the structure of the family yacht, stands out for having all the members of the family in fondant format. David and her tattoos, Victoria and her maxi black sunglasses and the couple's four children are the real stars turned into sweet edible figures.

Apart from dessert, at the party, the Beckhams sang, laughed and enjoyed themselves, all to celebrate the head of the family's birthday as it deserves. Victoria herself has uploaded a nice video to her Instagram profile in which you can see the honoree singing and dancing to a song by the late Michael Jackson in the company of Cruz, the third of her sons. Hit play.

A relaxed and endearing moment starring and lived between father and son, where both demonstrate the good harmony and complicity that characterizes their close relationship and that, without a doubt, like other moments lived at their birthday party, will remain for the Beckhams to remember.