Taylor Swift reportedly secretly engaged to boyfriend Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift reportedly secretly engaged to boyfriend Joe Alwyn

With only 32 years behind her, Taylor Swift is one of the celebrities who accumulates more boyfriends and breakups behind her back. She began to emerge very early in music and during all these years we have seen her begin and end a relationship with a good bunch of men: Joe Jonas, Lucas Till, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor Kennedy, Harry Styles, Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston. However, one of them arrived and it seems that to stay. We're talking about Joe Alwyn, with whom she could walk down the aisle shortly.

At least that's what British tabloids like The Sun or The Mirror say, which suggest that the couple would have secretly engaged in the face of a wedding that would take place within 18 months at most. Neither of them has confirmed or denied this information, something that is not surprising at all because one of their main premises since they started dating was to have a tight secrecy. A discretion that Alwyn himself explained in an interview with Elle magazine: "We live in an increasingly intrusive culture. The more information you give -and, honestly speaking, even if you don't-, the more they take away from you."

The Mirror provides the testimony of a source close to Taylor Swift who reveals that it was the actor who took the step of proposing to his girlfriend. It happened last spring, although they have not yet got down to work to define how they want her big day to be. Only the most intimate circle of the couple knows the details of the proposal and the preparations. There is talk of a link "simple but elegant" and completely removed from the media. That is, there will be no exclusives or magazine covers.

On the part of the actor's circle, the wedding commitment is taken for granted: "Taylor and Joe are incredibly happy and very, very in love. In fact, they have been engaged for a few months, but they have only told their closest circle, basically immediate family and old friends with whom they have a lot of confidence," says a person close to Joe Alwyn.

Such is the privacy with which they want to lead their way down the aisle that Taylor Swift only wears her engagement ring when she is at home. The reason? If she were to go out in the street with it on she would not go unnoticed by the photographers and it would soon be discovered that she will become a married woman in the next few months. Although perhaps from now on she can wear it 24 hours a day without any problem.