This is how Jamie Foxx and Tom Brady have gotten Cameron Diaz back into the acting world

This is how Jamie Foxx and Tom Brady have gotten Cameron Diaz back into the acting world

Cameron Diaz returns to the world of acting. The popular actress resumes her work in front of the cameras after she made the decision to retire in 2018 to focus entirely on her personal life. During these four years away from the film sets, her life has taken a 180 degree turn, without a doubt the most noticeable change was to start a family with her husband, singer Benji Madden, when they welcomed their first daughter, Radixx , only two years old. Likewise, she has undertaken in other fields, such as literature, with the publication of different books focused on personal care, or the launch of her own wine brand. However, the bug for her acting has always been alive in her and now she returns through the front door with a comedy, her genre par excellence of her. This new project will be produced by Netflix and her co-star will be Jamie Foxx, with whom she already coincided in the filming of the children's musical Annie.

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Precisely, it has been the interpreter who has been in charge of breaking the news through his social profiles, since in the process of negotiating the film, he made sure to record some of the telephone conversations in which he encouraged the protagonist of The Mask to take the step and get rid of any mirage of doubt about your professionalism. "I feel excited, but I don't know if I'm going to know how to do this," the artist could be heard recounting with some insecurity in her voice. An uncertainty that ended up taking off when hearing on the other side of the line the words of the next guest in the conversation, Tom Brady, who promised to share some of his advice to "unretire" her, since the American football player is a specialist in that of saying goodbye temporarily to return to the playing fields reaping even more triumphs.

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Although too many details about the plot or the release date of this new feature film have not yet come out, what is known is that the project is already underway because the recordings have already begun. In the same way, both the entertainment platform and the cast have revealed that the title is Back in Action, which seems to be a perfect nod to the exit of this voluntary retirement by Cameron Diaz. In addition, behind the scenes, it will be directed by Seth Gordon, popularly known for his work on Atypical. With this information, everything indicates that the film will be a success and will delight the dedicated fans of the actress who have waited for this moment for years.