MET Gala 2022: theme, red carpet, guests, how to watch this gala online and everything you need to know about it

MET Gala 2022: theme, red carpet, guests, how to watch this gala online and everything you need to know about it

The MET Gala 2022 was held last night on Monday, May 2, culminating the double event that started in 2021 with the same common thread that serves as a tribute to North American fashion. “We have wanted, in a very conscious way, to turn this event into a celebration of the American fashion community that has suffered so much during the pandemic,” Andrew Bolton acknowledged in the statement that accompanied the announcement last year. From the theme to the red carpet to the dress code, these are all the details we know about the event that André Leon Talley once referred to as "the Super Bowl of fashion."

What is the theme of the MET Gala 2022?

America's fashion is the main theme of the 2021 and 2022 MET Gala: “This two-part exhibition will consider how fashion reflects evolving notions of identity in America and explore a multitude of perspectives through presentations that speak to some of the complexities of history with a powerful immediacy”, commented Max Hollein, director of the MET museum.

For his part, it was a topic that Andrew Bolton needed to revisit, both in terms of the calendar (the 1998 American Ingenuity show was the last time the center covered this topic) and the current scene. And it is that the commissioner has reviewed that, due to the pandemic, the connection with the home has become, like clothes, much more emotional. In American fashion, this has meant a greater emphasis on the idea of ​​practicality, a concept that hovered over the first exhibition, In America: A Lexicon of Fashion. This first part established a modern vocabulary of North American fashion based on the expressive qualities of clothing, as well as its deeper relationships with issues such as equality, diversity or inclusion.

The book Home: A short history of an idea, in which Witold Rybczynsk focuses attention on the qualities rather than the functionality of rooms, helped Bolton build the framework for In America: A Lexicon of Fashion. For the exhibition, the Anna Wintour Costume Center was transformed into a giant imaginary house with transparent walls in which each room represented a particular emotional quality, such as nostalgia, joy or well-being. “For the porch, which represents warmth,” said Bolton, “the idea would be to have a Bonnie Cashin blanket coat that we'll pair with an André Walker coat made from Pendleton blankets. In the garden, which represents joy, the idea is to have a floral print dress by Mainbocher with the Oscar de la Renta dress that Taylor Swift wore to the Grammys." Designs from American sports fashion pioneers were shown alongside works by a diverse group of contemporary designers with the goal of illustrating a shifting emphasis in American fashion defined by those emotions. Thus, creations by Christopher John Rogers, Sterling Ruby, Prabal Gurung or Conner Yves can also be seen. The centerpiece of Sterling Ruby's Veil Flag, an American flag made of denim, opened the show, and director Melina Matsoukas created a film for the show that will evolve over the weeks.

The second part of the exhibition, which opens in May 2022, is called In America: An Anthology of Fashion. In its conceptualization, this second part actually preceded and inspired the first: “For many years we have searched our collection to discover hidden or untold stories […] Our intention for this second part is to bring all these stories together in an anthology that challenge perceived histories and offer an alternative reading of American fashion”, explained Bolton in this regard. This exhibition will review the male and female clothing of the s. XVIII to the present. To get even deeper into the role, both Bolton and the curatorial team will be working with American directors with the aim of creating a sort of "frame" for each room that references a different history of American fashion.