Carlos Alcaraz wins his second Tennis Masters 1000 at only 19 years old, first Miami and yesterday Madrid

Carlos Alcaraz wins his second Tennis Masters 1000 at only 19 years old, first Miami and yesterday Madrid

There was no end. Carlos Alcaraz crushed Zverev (6-3 and 6-1) and the most amazing thing about this is that people thought it was normal. Nobody was surprised that the young player from El Palmar gave the world number 3 a tremendous review. As if that was part of the script. The man from Murcia overcame a double champion of the Mutua Madrid Open and was crowned for the first time at the Caja Mágica with an ease and speed that even the most optimistic fan could not imagine. The match lasted an hour and a minute, making it the shortest final in the history of the Madrid tournament. The youngest champion of all time in the Madrid neighborhood of San Fermín lifted his first title without breaking a sweat.

qualifiers? Depleted. We can repeat those used in previous days, but the reality is that Alcaraz looped the loop and ended up turning a mountain into a plain. At just 19 years old, he had just climbed two eight-thousanders in a row and climbed the third in one hand. It was as difficult to knock Nadal down as it was to do it with Djokovic. But it is that Zverev in Madrid was unbeatable. And Alcaraz defeated him with amazing ease.

There is more. The five players Alcaraz has beaten in the tournament are at least Masters 1000 finalists. In the last three rounds he has beaten Nadal (number 4 in the world), Djokovic (1) and Zverev (3). And more: Zverev, a two-time champion in Madrid, had won at least one set in the 21 matches he had played in the Caja Mágica. Until this Sunday. With the Murcian ahead, the German was only able to achieve four games. The Teutonic giant became tiny. This Carlitos is not the same one that Zverev had defeated with little effort in Acapulco and Vienna. That was in 2021. In 2022 things are very different. The German knew it. But he gave the same.

sign from the start

Alcaraz's way of starting was a declaration of intent. Zverev wanted to start subtracting, to put pressure on his young opponent. But the number 3 in the world soon understood that he was going to suffer greatly with the lashes of the undisputed best tennis player of the moment. Alcaraz served in a remarkable way and his returns were so good that he barely had to pull his magic dropshots to submit his rival.

The German maintained equality for five games and in the sixth Alcaraz forced two errors, nailed a 'passing' and an inverted forehand. He fell like a blow to Zverev, who did not believe the level of the 19-year-old boy in front of him. After years and years of promulgating the existence of the 'next gen', Alcaraz has arrived and in less than a year has devoured them all. Not one of the young talents in world tennis can compare to him. The pending throne that will have to be picked up with the departure of Nadal, Djokovic and Federer belongs to him.

The first 'break' was decisive for Zverev to see himself out, not because of mental fatigue or a derangement like the one the German has always had in his career, disqualified just a couple of months ago in Acapulco, but because psychologically he is very difficult to face someone who does not give an iota. Alcaraz is pure freshness. He is a cannibal. He bites you and shakes you. He threatens you and hits you. And that ends up disarming the most toned and experienced rival on the circuit. There is no way to stop it.

From the break in the sixth game, Alcaraz crimped a run of nine games to two. The second set was a seen and not seen of just half an hour. Zverev couldn't even look to tickle a guy coming off a 3 hour 40 minute beating 24 hours earlier. An Alcaraz who had to break through to kill the world number one and who a day later faced one of the circuit's sluggers, a double winner in the capital and one of those called to dominate this sport in the next decade.

With the one from Madrid, Alcaraz has already won two Masters 1000 this year. In total, the Murcian already has six ATP titles. It is obvious that Zverev, champion last year, did not find a way to stop the gale of play from Murcia. "Right now you are the best tennis player in the world," the German confessed in his congratulations to his rival. Alcaraz, the first tennis player capable of beating three 'Top 4' players in a Masters 1000 in the last 15 years, celebrated the victory with his usual restraint.

“Long live El Palmar and long live Murcia”, he wrote in the camera as soon as his victory was confirmed. «Today the day has not started in the best way, but we have been able to move forward and we have overcome the difficulties. The people of Madrid, from the first round, have given me brutal affection. It has been a spectacular atmosphere, thank you falls short. I have always said that with the support of all the people it is easy to get out of the potholes, ”said the new number 6 in the ATP ranking.

Rome was his next destination, but Alcaraz will not travel to the Italian capital. It is time to take a hard look at his right ankle, after his ugly fall in Friday's match against Nadal, and he is not worth forcing that foot. It is better to rest and prepare very carefully for his participation in Roland Garros, a Grand Slam in which, apparently, Alcaraz starts as a favorite. Who can say otherwise?