If they want! Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck announce their engagement

If they want! Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck announce their engagement

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have given themselves a second chance. 18 years ago they were willing to marry and form one of the most envied couples in Hollywood. Nobody expected that, a few days before the wedding, both broke off their courtship. The fact that love between them was reborn after the artist ended her relationship with Alex Rodriguez and he with Ana de Armas was a fantasy in the eyes of all the couple's admirers.

Rumors of a new marriage commitment after almost 20 years of the first, had been resonating strongly for days, when the singer was photographed in Los Angeles shopping with her daughter wearing a ring on her left ring finger. The paparazzi images were published on 'TMZ' and the curious thing is that the shape of the jewel that was seen in them was very similar to the one that the singer wore when she was engaged to Affleck for the first time.

The suspicions were not misdirected. Lopez herself has sent a message through her Twitter account encouraging all her followers to discover a "very exciting and special story" that she would reveal through the newsletter of her personal page ' On the JLO'.

 In it, you can see a video in which the singer, very excited, shows an impressive engagement ring with a green diamond. 'Dear Ben', a song that Lopez performed in 2002 and that was dedicated to the actor, plays in the background of the images. In case anyone had any doubts, Jennifer Lopez's representative has also confirmed the news to 'People' magazine, as has the artist's sister through Instagram.

One of the things that made us think for a long time that her beautiful love story could continue with a second commitment had to do with the fact that the couple bought a mansion in Bel Air. On March 19, 'TMZ' broke the news that both would have invested the sum of 50 million dollars to acquire a property of 1,800 square meters, 10 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, several kitchens, a theater, gym and swimming pool. With this link, it would be the fourth time that the artist passes through the altar. 'JLo' married Ojani Noa in 1997, Cris Judd in 2001 and Marc Anthony in 2004 (they divorced 10 years later). She later got engaged to Ben Affleck in 2004 and to Alex Rodriguez in 2019, although on these last two occasions, there was no wedding.

They say that second parts were never good, but it seems that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are clearer than ever that now is their time. The years have passed and their reunion has occurred at the appropriate stage of their lives. This is how the singer explained it a short time ago in an interview with 'People' magazine: “We are older, we are smarter, we have more experience, we are at another time in our lives, we have children and we are more aware of many things. It's a beautiful result that this has happened in this way at this time in our lives where we can really appreciate, celebrate and respect each other."