Rafael Nadal celebrates his 34 years old.

Rafael Nadal celebrates his 34 years old.

The tennis player Rafael Nadal celebrated his 34th birthday yesterday, June 3, at his tennis academy in Mallorca (Spain) with his wife and the rest of the family. This is an unusual fact since it is usually his birthday when the Roland Garros tournament ends in Paris.

The special characteristics of this spring motivated by the Covid-19 pandemic, has implied that his birthday has coincided with the Alarm State, leaving the confinement and with his first training sessions with a view to the first international tournaments that can be played this year so fateful.

Rafa wanted to go to his tennis academy to visit his pupils. What the tennis player himself did not know is that precisely his students knew it was his birthday and they ordered a very special cake: decorated on top with his symbol, clay and some tennis balls. The cake was spectacular both in its decoration and in its flavor, mainly chocolate, which is the flavor that Rafa likes the most.

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