Celebrities support the cause against Covid-19

Celebrities support the cause against Covid-19

In general, the world of celebrities try to do a “grain of sand” to collaborate in order to end this pandemic, which is leaving thousands of infected and especially human losses around the world.

Specifically in this post we refer to some of them who these days are giving up their social networks to support the cause against Covid-19. Famous like: Julia Roberts, Hugh Jackman, Penelope Cruz, Bono and some others join this cause. The beginning of everything was Bono (U2) when he launched the NGO ONE Campaign. All the celebrities who participate in this campaign have as a common link that it is the initiative itself called Pass The Mic.

In social media accounts, mainly Twitter and Instagram, these celebrities give a small space for expert scientists in the Covid-19 to give us more information about the pandemic. They take advantage of their official accounts on their social networks knowing that they have many followers and it is one more way to disseminate scientific information about this virus.

We are confident that it will have the greatest success and, above all, that the pandemic will finally settle as soon as possible.

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