Winona Ryder: the 90s fashion girl who fell from grace after stealing clothes and now charges $ 350,000 per episode

Winona Ryder: the 90s fashion girl who fell from grace after stealing clothes and now charges $ 350,000 per episode

Our emotional attachment to Winona Ryder will change depending on how old we are. If we were born on dates close to hers -this 29th October the actress turns 50 very well carried-, surely we will have her as a generational idol, a reference of emotional fragility and dark beauty, since the first contact will have been, quite possibly , through the films of Tim Burton, of whom she was an early muse - she participated, with prominent roles, in Bitelchús (1988) and Eduardo Scissorhands (1990) -, or in those of Martin Scorsese - The Age of Innocence (1993 ) -, and of course in that generational event that was Reality bites (1994), one of the titles that define the cultural apogee of the so-called generation X, the years of vital disorientation and the tendency to demacre of the grunge years.

Now, if you are younger, or have been clueless during all this time, the importance of Winona Ryder can be calibrated, surely, from her role as a suffering mother in the series Stranger Things, that eighties retro-nostalgic artifact that has grown the coffers of the Netflix platform generously for three seasons, pending the announcement of the fourth. The inclusion of Ryder in Stranger Things has been important in the life of the actress, because although she had been working continuously in the years before the 2016 premiere, the truth was that her profile - which pointed to that of a superstar in the middle of The 90s - had been affected by another famous altercation at the end of 2001, and that for a time gave him a bad name in Hollywood and prevented him from accessing certain roles for almost a decade.

And it is that, for many people who do not watch movies or series, the name of Winona Ryder sounds because she was the protagonist of the first modern show of the pop era related to kleptomania in stores, a disorder of the long hand that we later learned that It affects many people -even in the field of politics, and not precisely because of reaching into the public budget box-, but at that time it caused a tremendous impact, because it seemed shabby and unnecessary for someone with so much money to dedicate themselves to enter the stores to sisar things that could have been acquired with a simple swipe of the credit card, and without suffering damage. So iconic was the case of Winona that it even ended up being an involuntary image of Yomango, an artistic project denouncing intellectual property laws that emerged in Barcelona in 2002, just when the debate on the limits of the piracy of protected content was rising and trademark logos.

Thus, in the same way that Winona Ryder is now turning half a century, it will soon also be 20 years -on December 12- of her arrest in Los Angeles, accused of having stolen high-end clothing and accessories of all kinds in Saks Fifth Avenue, a Beverly Hills department store. The amount stolen was not particularly high - $ 5,500, which to the great majority will seem like a high amount, but which for a Hollywood star at that time was clearly residual change - and precisely because that was motivated by an uncontrollable impulse, the case Ryder's kleptomania ended up becoming the big talk of the heart in the dawn of the post 9/11 world.

Ryder on the spot, and was escorted out of the warehouses by two police officers who arrested her. The subsequent trial was also high in the media: in 2002 she was sentenced to three years of probation, to pay a fine of almost $ 4,000 and to return the amount stolen with generous interest, up to a total of $ 6,355. In addition, she had to dedicate about 500 hours to community work to pay off her debt to society; she did not consider that she should go to jail because the theft was considered a minor offense - it was not an armed robbery, of course - and in any other case this incident would have silently eluded public opinion.

But we are talking about Winona Ryder, one of the most sought-after actresses of her time, and immediately fallen from grace. The circumstances of the arrest and the extenuating circumstances that she exhibited in her defense - she argued that she was going through a depression at the time, that she was heavily medicated and had clouded consciousness; During the trial it was also shown that she had consumed painkillers such as vicodin and diazepam, although without a prescription - what they did was draw an unappetizing picture for many film producers, who considered that it was not prudent to work with her, as was also the case at that time with Robert Downey Jr., another talented young man sunk in the well of vice and waste.

Woody Allen, who had counted on her on Celebrity, had to give up hiring her again because no insurer wanted to take over the possible compensation if Winona rolled her over again.


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      Mar 23, 2022