Sharon Stone is the international guest for the Elle Style Awards in Seville

Sharon Stone is the international guest for the Elle Style Awards in Seville

Without a doubt, the actress Sharon Stone, who has conquered many of us with unrepeatable roles in films or series such as 'Basic Instinct', 'Total Challenge', 'Casino' or 'Ratched', was one of the big stars in the night of the ELLE Style Awards Andalusia, which has undoubtedly already become one of the events of the year.

Sharon Stone, who dazzled on the red carpet at the ELLE Style Awards Andalucía with a wonderful sequined and transparent tuxedo designed by another of the gala attendees, the creator Juana Martín, closed the awards ceremony receiving from the hands of bailaor El Yiyo his award as an ELLE Icon. He was one of the most photographed faces of the night, along with other guests such as Victoria Federica de Marichalar, Aitana, Naty Abascal or Leticia Dolera.

It was the first time that the actress visited Seville and she did so accompanied by Paris Libby, her head stylist, responsible for a look with which she dazzled us all. They both stayed at the sensational Alfonso XIII, A Luxury Collection Hotel, located in the heart of the capital of Seville, in front of the gardens of the Reales Alcázares.

The American actress stood in front of the representation of the Malaga province in the square of the Andalusian capital: "A beautiful, beautiful tribute to Malaga", she defined it in a video that she shared on social networks.

The situation is the following. It is night, in the distance the sexual revolution sounds, by La Casa Azul, and Sharon Stone walks through a Plaza de España, in Seville, which she looks practically empty. It is an almost Fellinian scene that the American actress immortalized for her social networks, with an unexpected protagonist: Malaga.

"Each of the ceramics represents the region from which it comes. How beautiful this is!", Describes Stone in reference to the Sevillian square.

On her walk, in which she does not stop admiring the beauty of the Andalusian capital, she ends up standing right in front of the bank that represents the province of Malaga.

"This part is ... Malaga", she pronounces, as if it were a simple word, to continue traveling the map: "And the Mediterranean Sea, and where we are now, Seville, is signposted here."

The Malaga section of the Plaza de España has a ceramic that represents the taking of the city from the hands of the Muslims by the Catholic Monarchs: "A beautiful, beautiful tribute to Malaga", insists the actress, who later in the shield of the province.

"Sharon Stone reported from Seville. Good evening," concludes the American, who participated on Thursday in the Elle Style Awards 2021, for the first time in the city of Seville. As reported by Jaleos, great personalities from the national and international panaroma traveled there, parading down the red carpet in their best clothes.

Sharon Stone was honored with the Icon Award. For the occasion she chose a set of black sequined pants and jacket. Underneath the blazer, she wore a simple matching top and completed her styling with XL hoops and a chain bag. It was after the ceremony, during the celebration party, in which the actress escaped through the Plaza de España and ended up running into Malaga.