Ben Affleck falls in love again ...

Ben Affleck falls in love again ...

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have been for almost a decade one of the most admired marriages in the world of Hollywood having three children in common. However, between Affleck's alcohol addiction problems and other personals ended with the love between them and that Jennifer herself supported him during his rehabilitation to his addiction, even once divorced he maintains a good friendship (they say….).

Ben's alcohol problem is not an isolated case. He has already been to a detox clinic twice - the first time in 2001 and the second time earlier this year. Even his family (father and brother) have also had the same addiction.

Once the rehabilitation was finished, he participated with the movie "Deep Water", where the Spanish-Cuban actress Ana de Armas also had a role. Thereafter they began working together on the film, getting to know each other better and possibly even falling in love. Neither actor has confirmed that they are a couple, but in the last few months they have been seen together several times in California and Central America. It even seems that they have been living in this period of confinement due to Covid-29. Who would have thought that Ben Affleck after his divorce and rehabilitation would find love so soon?

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