William Shatner's estate is $ 100 million

William Shatner's estate is $ 100 million

The television series first aired in 1966 and was popular with fans, but it only ran for three seasons before the network canceled it. For a time it seemed like this was the end of the USS Enterprise stories, but the decision was made to make a feature film with the same cast that had been on the original show. In all, six films were made and William Shatner starred in all of them, although his character was killed in the last film.

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William Shatner is a Canadian-born actor who has had a long and varied career. His net worth is currently estimated at $ 100 million. Most of this fortune has been earned through his work as an actor, mainly on television shows, but he has also done some film work.


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He had also starred in several other long-running television shows. He had the lead role on TJ Hooker, as well as a lead role on The Practice and spinoff show Boston Legal. He won an Emmy for his role as Denny Crane on the final season of The Practice and again for playing the same character on Boston Legal. Shatner and his co-star James Spader are the only two actors to have won an Emmy for playing the same character on two different shows. Boston Legal ran for five seasons in total and William Shatner starred in each season.

There have been rumors that he earned £ 600 million as a face for Priceline.com by charging for shares, but William himself has denied this. When he starred in Priceline commercials during the 1990s, he was reportedly given shares in the company rather than paid for his work. The price of these shares fell dramatically in 2000, but after this they began to rise again steadily until the price reached more than $ 300 per share. Rumors were that Shatner sold all of his shares when they reached this level having held them for almost thirty years. This is something that he has repeatedly denied, even going so far as to say that all the relatives leaving the carpentry were wasting their time. The $ 100 million net worth figure seems to suggest that he never made money of this level, as the figure would be so much higher.

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His work as his author is not as well known as his other companies, but this is something that generates a great deal of money. Some of his most popular books are those that are written as a series that includes TekWars and Quest For Tomorrow. He has also written several fiction books based on the Star Trek series, as well as non-fiction books recounting some of his own work experiences on Star Trek and what the franchise has meant to him throughout his life. he. His role as Captain Kirk has meant that he has been deeply ingrained in the world of science fiction throughout his entire career and this has continued in the books he has written.


William Shatner's estate is $ 100 million

He had also narrated several audiobooks. These are all books that he himself has written together with David Fisher and Chris Regan and they are autobiographical in nature. These books have been well received by fans as they help give a real insight into his life and his Star Trek career in particular. The fact that he acts as the narrator makes for an even more personal experience.

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William Shatner has been acting for more than seventy years and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In addition to appearing as a guest on television shows, he also regularly attends Star Trek conventions for which he earns a small fee. He charges a pretty high fee for all the shows he stars in, so there is a chance that his earnings will spike even more until such time as he finally decides to retire.