The return of ABBA: this is how their digital avatars and their new songs are

The return of ABBA: this is how their digital avatars and their new songs are

The news of ABBA's return has been the gift that millions of fans around the world have been waiting for. The band has once again set foot on a stage and London has been the place chosen for it. The event has been followed on YouTube: a “historic livestream” that serves as an aperitif to the spectacular return of ABBA, with new songs, a documentary and a show that no one had dared to dream of.

The group plans a new show starting in May at a specially built 3,000 seat theater in East London. And we have already seen the digital avatars that replace them on stage: they are not copies of themselves, but themselves with the face they had in the 70s. A stroke of vanity or exactly what the fans wanted, to relive to the band as it was during its glory years? The avatars are designed to perform perfectly, with each gesture and each note able to perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the members of ABBA. This is how his first single, 'I Still Have Faith In You' sounds.

Frida's voice has all the leading role, although Benny and Björn are the architects of the meeting that we have been able to enjoy. "First we did two songs and then we said, why don't we do more. What do you think, girls? Why don't we make an album?" They say that this is how this new project was conceived, inspired by the proposal, a few years ago, to return to the stage in a holographic way. In fact, the possibility of making these digital avatars has been what has driven the most anticipated meeting in the history of music. "We wanted to do it before we died," joke the members of ABBA in the interview that followed the premiere of the song. "This is more realistic."

"The first song, 'I Still Have Faith In You,' I knew when I heard the first chords that it had to be about us," says Björn. "It's about realizing that it is inconceivable to be where we are, no one could imagine something like that, to release a record after forty years and still be best friends, have total loyalty and still enjoy each other's company." The second single, 'Don't Shut Me Down', has also been released during the live show and is a good appetizer for what awaits us.

The most anticipated event

They have been away from the music scene for four decades and have only come out of retirement and broken their silence on a few occasions, one of them to celebrate 50 years of musical collaboration between their male members, Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus and another at the premiere. from Mamma mia, The Party, although not all of them were there. That is why his return is an event.

 ABBA published 8 studio albums between 1973 and 1981, only in 1978 they did not release any album. GTRES

This September 2, 2021 is the date that all his followers have marked on the calendar. It is the great date with your idols. ABBA is the anagram with the four names of Swedish artists, who together add up to 296 years (Anni-Frid Lyngstad is 75 years old, Agnetha Fältskog, 71, Björn Ulvaeus, 76, and Benny Andersson, 74). The announcement of their return was made by themselves on their Twitter account. They first thanked their fans for this' long wait '' and then they said a mysterious phrase: 'Thank you for waiting, the journey is about to begin.'

U409471Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus at the premiere of 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ', in London GTRES

In April 2018, the group had announced that they had returned to the studio for the first time in almost four decades: they had recorded two songs: one called 'I Still Have Faith in You' and the other 'Don't Shut Me Down'. But the promise to publish the new songs was postponed, and then Covid-19 arrived to the despair of both the group and its fans. Björn Ulvaeus said a few weeks ago that there would be new material before the end of 2021. "There will be new music this year, that's for sure, it's not about whether it could happen, it will happen," he told Australian newspaper The Herald Sun in May.

 After their separation from ABBA, the four of them began working on other music projects. GTRES

The group has also promised a tour with their holographic avatars for years, the "ABBA-tars", whose program should be announced on Thursday. Although they have all pursued more or less active solo careers, the four Scandinavians had led essentially low-key lives since the band's split, shortly after the two couples divorced, first Fältskog and Ulvaeus, then Andersson and Lyngstad.

 'ABBA Gold: Greatest Hits' became his best-selling album and one of the most successful in the world

The four met in the late 1960s, and began to have worldwide success after their 1974 Eurovision win with their first hit "Waterloo." Since their last studio album in 1981 and its dissolution in 1982, the legendary pop group with tens of millions of sold albums has not released any new material.

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