Interview with Celeb Items in the press a few days ago. You can translate it by marking the entire interview

Interview with Celeb Items in the press a few days ago. You can translate it by marking the entire interview

He has looked face to face with the most famous men and women on the planet: Robert de Niro, Maradona, Bruce Springsteen ... but fame scares him and he does not want to give his name. He is one of the most important autograph collectors in Spain, he lives in Seville and now accepts commissions.

"An autograph collector for more than 20 years he volunteers to get autographs in general", from sports to movies. "It's not easy at all," he explains in the ad, but if he can get it, he tries to provide a photograph of the moment or a video as proof, like the one he made to Sergio Ramos during the signing of a shirt.

"Some want the autograph for themselves, others for their partner or a friend," he explains. He has been asked for all kinds of signatures, from Pau Gasol to Fernando Alonso. Robert de Niro's has undoubtedly been one of his most important requests and he got it after waiting for him at the hotel where the actor was staying during the filming of a movie in Madrid.

The custom price depends on the celebrity. "Joaquín del Betis who is here in Seville is not the same as Madonna," he explains. Not all are possible, but all orders remain in the portfolio waiting to be obtained one day.

Surrender is not a valid word for an autograph collector like him. He got to wait 13 and a half hours to get the one from Bruce Springsteen. "He's one of my favorite artists," he confesses, and he already has five autographs from the Boss. One of the last times he only had to wait 35 minutes to get it.

"In total I have more than a thousand autographs", among them stars like Bruce Willis, Paul McCartney, Silverste Stallone, Jenifer Lopez, Nicolas Cage, Cameron Diaz, Roger Moore, Al Pacino ... or Maradona, his first big autograph that he got in 1985. " He came with Napoli to face Madrid in the European Cup ”, he recalls. He waited for her at his hotel and there he signed a photograph. "I almost always get them in hotels," he tells us.

When we ask him for the autograph he is most fond of, he does not hesitate: Jaclyn Smith, one of Charlie's true angels of whom he has always been a great admirer. He got it on a trip to America. He has been to London, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles… "When I travel to a place I always look at the billboards," he explains. He refers to the theater billboards because that is another of the most common places to get autographs.

The price of a signature

Travel, expenses, waiting time at the door of hotels, the difficulty of accessing the famous ... All this increases the price of autographs. The fact that the famous person is alive or has died also influences. A photo with the signature of Charlie Watts, drummer of the Rolling Stones, was valued at about 150 euros a few weeks ago. After his death, it has reached 1,300 at auction. "Last year there were many deaths, many firms went up in price," he explains.

However, a true collector is not driven by money. "I do not sell any autograph that does not have a repeat," he confesses ... but he has so many repeats that he has created a web page where he sells some of them. Among his repetitions we see Mario Casas for 39 euros, Susan Sarandon for 59, Cristiano Ronaldo for 50, Usain Bolt for 120, Antonio Resines for 20 euros or an Iniesta shirt with his signature for 350.

Although few celebrities have resisted him, there are two that he has not yet achieved. It's about Demi Moore and Madonna. He has already tried several times but they have refused to sign. Although he does not give up, that word does not exist for a collector.